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Personal Training

We offer 1-2-1 personal training sessions to help you reach your goals and achieve your Dynamic.


Sign up for your personal Recipe Website / App to customise your daily meal plan.

Weight Training

Bespoke weight training programs designed to get the body you deserve.


Join us for our classes covering all areas of fitness from a bootcamp style class, to a spin class, to a ladies only circuit class. We’ve got you covered.


Welcome to DYNAMIC HEALTH AND FITNESS- where a positive movement will stimulate positive changes and progress for you. The movement is energetic, positive, effective, strong and all things DYNAMIC.
We are here to identify your needs and give you the support and knowledge you need to achieve your goals. We are here to help you take away the guess work and find your own personal path to the results you want.
We offer a variety of online and one to one services. These include bespoke training programmes, nutrition advice, one to one personal training, group sessions and classes. We are passionate about your health and fitness so we have created an easy to use recipe site and app.
Our nutrition site and app will allow you to choose from over 1000 recipe ideas. It will cover all your dietary requirements and has a full breakdown of your macros. It also includes a food diary, measurement and weight trackers, and you can create your very own meal plans filled with variety to ensure you stay on track in the gym as well as in the kitchen to reach your goals. Join the positive movement. BE DYNAMIC

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Personal Touch

We offer bespoke training and eating plans, designed specifically for you to reach your goals.

Recipe App

Mobile app giving you complete control of your nutrition to compliment your goals.

Fitness Monitoring

Keeping track of your fitness goals with regular check ins.


A variety of classes to keep that positive movement progressing.


Let us transform your life, for the one you deserve.

All on your own time

We can accomodate your schedule.

Introducing our Recipe App

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At Dynamic Health and Fitness we have created a nutrition app that will fit your criteria for your nutrition. We are offering you a recipe system that is completely customised to what you need. It will allow you to create detailed meal planners on a weekly basis whilst staying within your calculated macro intake. When creating your weekly meal plans, you will create your very own shopping list. Each recipe will provide you with the method, the serving size, as well as all the macro information calculated for you allowing you to reach your goals and become a master in the kitchen.

We have created 100’s of recipes for you to choose from, covering all of your dietary needs to achieve your goals and together we can define your dynamic.


what we offer


Home Screen

We have covered all the areas to help you take control of your own nutrition. From a weight and measurement tracker section, you can track your measurements and weight with ease, to creating your very own detailed meal plans following macros specific to you.


One size doesn’t fit all so we have various calculators to use from a quick calorie counter to our Basal Metabolic Rate, Energy Folrmulas and 40/30/30 split calculators. There is something for everyone.

Custom Meal Plan

If you’re feeling creative and want to try one of your own recipes but need to track it? Not only do we have a food diary but we also have a barcode scanner for those little wobbles keeping you in control the whole time.


Breakfast - Start your morning off the right way with the ability to explore loads of brilliant breakfast ideas. Each recipe shows the macro nutrient breakdown.


Whether at home or at work try our delicious lunch recipes for a satisfying midday meal.


We offer 100’s of main course recipes including gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian with inspirational ideas for desserts, snacks, sides, and smoothies, covering all of your dietary needs.



Recipe App

Monthly Subscription

Creat your meal plan with recipes

App Features

The Dynamic Health & Fitness Recipe App allows you to create a detailed meal planner & weekly meal plans so you keep within your calculated macro intake. You can create a shopping list & we provide all the cooking instructions so not only will you reach your targets, but become a master in the kitchen too!

Create Meal Plans Weight Tracker Set Targets & Goals Weight Management

Free Recipe Packs Latest Recipes & Menu's Quick Calorie Counter Multiple Energy Formulas

The recipe app also allows full access to exclusive calculators, BMR, Energy Formulas, 40/30/30 split and the measurement & weight tracker so you can track your measurements and weight and even upload images of yourself to keep you motivated to reach your goals. You can create a keep a meal diary, write in what you have eaten and had to drink each day to keep track that you are following your meal plan whilst also ensuring you are drinking enough fluids. You can also add foods by the barcodes if they are not already on the app. There are recipes for vegan, paleo, weight loss & muscle gain - whatever your goals may be! Plus, free printable recipe books created by me. This is not a quick fix diet, this is a complete lifestyle change!

we love our clients

Meet some of our Happy Clients

"Im so glad I made the move to the dynamic team. The training is hard work but great fun with Kelly's enthusiastic personality and I'm always being given as much info as possible about the exercise I'm doin. I love my training sessions and always walk away (sometimes crawl) from them in a positive mood. Thank you for your continued support Kelly, with your support I know I can smash my goals."


"Kelly has really helped with my confidence and motivation. Our weekly sessions keep me on track and im really pleased with the results."


"Kelly is a fantastic personal trainer always there to offer support and guidance when needed. She’s always there with a smile on her face ready to encourage and motivate us to do our best. I was struggling for a long time with motivation and not seeing any results from my gym visits but now thanks to Kelly I am finally making progress and starting to feel happier and healthier. she came up with a great programme that works for me. Anyone in need of a personal trainer should look no further than Kelly!!"


"Kelly is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer. She is very knowledgeable and very motivational which helps masses. I've enjoyed my training sessions with her and overall seeing so much progression through our training sessions."


"Kelly is a fantastic PT who really gets down to basics so you get a strong foundation to build on. I have learnt so much and feel like a new person. I am not going to lie it is not easy but with the help and guidance of Kelly I have become fitter and stronger. Kelly never gives up which inspires me not to. Come and join the Dynamic Health and Fitness family, you will not regret it."


"Since training with Kelly she has found the right ways to motivate me towards my goals. Easy going but can be a tough cookie when she needs to be! All in all would recommend kelly and dynamic fitness, high quality training and always keeps in touch to check in if I'm still on track"


"I approached Kelly with unusual issues due to some significant knee injuries. I couldn't walk up and down stairs or even get out of a chair without pain. I have never been one for the gym but Kelly is so motivational which has kept me wanting to go back. She has tailored a package for me over the last few months which has built me up to be able to do full squats with weights which I never thought I'd be able to do again. To many this would appear to be a small gain but Kelly has transformed my daily life."


"I became a client of Kelly’s following the departure of my regular PT, I can honestly say that I have never looked back. Kelly is a fantastic PT, she listens to me and works with me to help me achieve my goals. I get results even after just one session. Kelly checks in on me weekly to keep my momentum going and we always have a laugh. I can recommend her 100% for men and woman alike, she is very knowledgeable and always learning to ensure she gives the best service possible."


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